​​Crooked Coop Farm was established in 2012 by Chris and Anna Murfield. The farm is named after the garden shed with the crooked roof. Chris turned the shed into a chicken coop that housed the first of the family's birds.

Chris and Anna bought a house on a three acre plot of land and moved out to the country with dreams self reliant living of growing healthy organic food for their young family. After a lot of research and investigating of the food supply in the country the pair decided to not only help their own family but help the community as well by growing organic produce to take to the local farmers markets.

Crooked Coop Farm also house the studio of Anna Murfield, Crooked Feather Studio. Anna's artwork is available online, at markets throughout the summer and occasionally selling her work at different venues and shows throughout the year. Event listings will always be posed on this site

it all starts with a Dream

Crooked Coop Farm